Automotive Journalist | Digital Creator | Photographer | Pilot

Yusuf Essop “YE” is a Johannesburg based digital creator who is drawn to the dynamic environment. All of YE’s ventures were born out of passion and a need for solving problems that he personally faced. YE displays passion in creating unique and creative projects, be it a complex website or a photograph. Traveling and creating has always been a part of YE’s life in his interest to always find something new and different.

View YE’s ventures below.

YES Digital

YES Digital was born as a by-product of YE’s other ventures’ (YE Photography and Life About Cars) success. From a young age, YE always toyed around with creating blogs and websites to share content about cars, which led to him finally creating Life About Cars. The ball kept rolling and YE kept designing sites to solve the problem that other startups have, the absurd cost that they face just by getting on the web. YES Digital offers affordable packages for simple blogs, websites and/or eCommerce sites.


YE Photography

YE is drawn to the dynamic environment. YE displays passion in creating unique and creative photographs. YE was always fascinated with the process of preserving special moments of his life. Images filled that void to which he could always refer back to. It is safe to say that YE’s business is fueled by his love and passion for photography.

YE is an automotive photography specialist but also enjoys capturing events, freelance work, products and more. YE was particularly drawn to cars from a young age and has won the compliment of the automotive industry by developing a special eye in photographing the subject at hand.


Life About Cars

In Yusuf’s free time, he loves creating and sharing automotive content which is recognized globally. Yusuf writes automotive pieces, creates videos, captures images and totally immerses himself in the car scene. This has allowed YE to work alongside brands such as McLaren, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Audi, Michelin and many more.  

Life About Cars started off as an Instagram page featuring exotic car spots within our beautiful country, South Africa. This progressed into becoming a website for reviews, photo’s etc.. This is now a platform for all like-minded car enthusiasts to connect through Life About Cars events and showcase their passion through their cars